If you want radical politics

Then get yourself radical politics. You want to live in a communist state because you think it works? Go live in the PRC for a while, you’ll come home crying with your tail between your legs. You want anarchy? Go live in the tribal lands of Somalia, see if you can get accepted there instead of shitting yourself in Mogadishu. You want to bitch about how bad it is here, and how the politics HERE should change? …Shut the fuck up. America is a federal democratic republic. Yeah, our electoral college system makes about as munch sense as a platypus. Yeah, we’re not even a “real federation” because our states don’t have as much autonomy as other federations. But you know what? It is what is. We fought long and hard centuries ago to get this country into our own hands, and plenty of people fought and died for the right to stick to the government we have now…BEFORE the Civil War, where we had to do it all over again.

If you have views that are radical here and normal elsewhere, then stop bitching. If it’s really that serious of a conviction to you, get off your ass and do something about it. If you hate “THE STATE” so much, go live without one. Because I’m really tired of hearing you talk the talk, and not seeing ANYBODY walk the walk. I’m not saying no revolution could ever happen here (hey, it happened once before, with great results), that nobody is allowed to try and change things, but the fact of the matter is…you’re not going to. Not in your lifetime. There’s not going to be any putsch, no overthrowing, no revolt, no coup. If you could stage some dramatic capture of our government and run things the way you want, then fine. I’ll either be part of the resistance, or take my own advice and move to Canada. But until that day that will never come, stop bitching about how bad the government treats and simultaneously using all of their publicly services, and buying into every capitalistic thing that constitutes your daily life. If you want a change, then go for it. If you’re not going to get off your ass and choose simple living, at the least, the shut the fuck up and find something else to complain about.